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Roll-Up Shutters are architecturally pleasing as well as strong enough to provide you with maximum protection against hurricanes force winds, impact, or unwanted entry.

Roll-Up Shutters

Open Roll-UP Shutter
Closed Roll-Up Shutter
Balcony Closed Roll-Up Shutter


  • Roll-Up Shutters are rolling blades that roll up inside a hood on top of the protected opening. 

  • Our system rolls up so compactly that the hood is 50% smaller than the conventional roll-up shutter.  

  • These shutters are customized for every application and customer need. 

  • Roll-up shutters are control manually by means of a hand crank or mechanically by a touch of

    a button.  

  • They come in various colors:white, ivory, bronze, egg shell and beige.

  • All products have South Florida Building Code Approval. 



  • Roll-up Shutters are permanently affixed above the windows and don't require any extra storage.

  • Can easily be made storm-ready by one person. Easiest shutter to operate.

  • Offers some of the best protection and make an excellent theft deterrent.

  • These shutters are the most expensive of the shutter systems

  • Mechanically operated system require electrical installation and battery backup incase of power outage. 


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