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Our HPMA "Performance System II" Accordion Hurricane Shutters is a High-Velocity and High-Rise Shutter System.  It offer the most reliable and affordable way to protect your home and/or business from Hurricane force winds, flying debris, and forced entry. 

Accordion Shutters

Open Accordion Shutter
Closed Accordion Shutter
Accordion Sliding  Glass Doors 


  • Accordions are permanently installed to provide reliable protection.

  • Accordions are made of extruded aluminum and the hardware of stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

  • Accordions move horizontally to open and close and stack neatly on each side when not in use.

  • Accordion Shutters are ideal for windows, sliding glass doors, store fronts and high rise buidlings.

  • Easily locked with a push botton that locks and it is accesible from the inside and the outside. 



  • Accordions Shutters are quick to close during hurricane season, but also provide security during the off season.

  • Can be closed from the inside and outside.

  • Can be used on all floors, patios and balconies

  • Permanently mounted next to opening.  


We are proud owners and manufacturers of the best Accordion Shutter System available in Florida:


  • Designed to withstand wind speeds exceeding 175 Mph and impacts of a Category 5 storm.

  • Most preferred shutters easily closed in the event of a hurricane.

  • Considered to be one of the strongest shutters available

  • Encloses entire balconies with one shutter and ideal for high rise buildings

  • Designed to withstand Category 5 storms

  • Made from high quality extruded aluminum and stainless steel parts


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